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The happiness you want.
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With your world-class Coach, you'll get clarity on what's next, build confidence, and get honest feedback. One-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching, & our extensive library of programs deliver expert guidance when it matters most.

What is Coaching?

Coaches partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The International Coaching Federation, the leading global organization for coaches and coaching, differentiates therapy from coaching by saying coaching is focused on visioning, success, the present, and moving toward the future.

They say that therapy, on the other hand, emphasizes psychopathology and the past, stating that it works more with developing coping skills for managing emotions or past issues more often than coaching. They even provide a resource for coaches to understand when and how to refer a client to a mental health or other helping professional when the client’s needs are outside a coach’s competencies.

With coaching you don't have to navigate life's challenges on your own, and your Coach is in your corner to help. Coaching is designed for those that want the benefits of therapy but prefer something less formal than the clinical model that will help you gain clarity, peace, and fulfillment in your daily life. 

What will you accomplish with your coach?

  • Establish your investment portfolio

  • Peacefully & lovingly establish & maintain independence alongside your parents

  • Engage in self-discovery ensuring you become a confident adult

  • Clarify and build relationships to ensure you have a loving and supporting community 

  • Learn what it means to put family first before it's too late

  • Learn to successfully navigate a career as a tool rather than an idol

  • Develop and practice important life skills in a safe space

Coaching is life changing, just ask others.

Brennan H.

Phoenix, AZ

"It's great because I usually don't have any experienced adults or knowledgeable people guiding me. Social interactions, personal problems, and stress are all things that I approach differently after receiving coaching. Thank you all for your kindness..."

Josiah S.

Phoenix, AZ

"As a young black teen in America, I was getting advice from you that I wasn't getting anywhere else in my community. I appreciate the time taken to pour into me so that I am a stronger person today."

Owen C.

Phoenix, AZ

"I now understand why I think the way I do, and honestly even without the rest of the things like the strategies on how to manage it I’m still super satisfied with how the coaching went. Just understanding the science and logistics behind the way I think and see the world has helped tremendously with even the mundane things in everyday life."

Megan K.


"AzFLI is a great organization that reaches out to young adults, like myself, who need guidance that their parents or other mentors never had... It means the world to me that there are people who want to see the best for my generation and help us grow into amazing leaders."

Qualyn W.

Surprise, AZ

"Instead of hiding from my problems and fighting others, coaching has helped me face my demons straight on and walk fearlessly."

Angela B.

Phoenix, AZ

"[My] favorite thing about coaching is that it helped me stay connected to myself and gave me better clarity about who I am. I got to learn new things.

I would recommend this coach because he will help you understand yourself, life and tune in with your emotions. They are very understanding, helpful, and have patience."

Chris L.

Phoenix, AZ

“You’ve inspired me to keep shooting for the stars and find a way to make a better life. Your coaching has often reminded me to heal and seek closure in order to better myself.”

Zelalem Y.

Phoenix, AZ

"I felt very happy, something that I prayed for, and it’s blessing that someone out there helped me."

Meet Our Coaching Staff

Kylie Corkill

Kylie Corkill

Personal Development Coach

Megan Kiefert

Megan Kiefert

Personal Development Coach

You're just one small step away...

It starts with a quick virtual consultation. The goal of this call is to focus on defining your goals, identifying your resources, and creating a road map specific to your desires.

All of our clients will tell you that they left this initial call with a new sense of hope and direction. By experience, we can tell you that it's all about the first 20 minutes. If it's a good fit we move forward. If not, you still come away with value; as we are absolutely going to solve a problem during this call.

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