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Welcome to the E2:10 Retreat 

This retreat specifically caters to young adult entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to restoration, connection, and strategy to executive the vision they hold dear in their heart.


Our retreat leads participants through targeted activities designed to take them through the creation cycle. Participants will leave well rested, well connected, and well prepared to execute their personalized plan to meet their quarterly goals.

If you are in need of community, clarity, and a strategy to get from where you are now, to where you want to be, this retreat was designed for you!

Spring 2024 Retreat Recap

Summer 2024 Retreat

July 2 - July 5
Manhattan Beach, CA

  Creation Cycle - Transparent.png


Get Ready To...


  • REST ... enough said

  • REFLECT on your personal vision in four Key areas of your life

  • CLARIFY the capacity of your 6 essential resources

  • STRATEGIZE and plan your steps for the next quarter (3 months)

  • MOTIVATE others & be motivated by others within the E210 Community

  • Leave the retreat educated, empowered, & equipped with the tools you need to EXECUTE


What to Expect...


The retreat is 4 days, 3 nights. Participants can expect the following each day

  • Free Breakfast 6am - 8:30am

  • Collective Reflection 30min

  • Keynote 20min

  • Breakout Session 50min

  • Collective Dinner 60min

Keynote & Workshop Topics covered include but are not limited to...

  • Determining your personal capacity

  • The beginning stage of Entrepreneurship

  • Creating cycles of rest & work

  • Creating vs Replicating

  • Autonomy in Faith

We encourage participants to use their free time to REST, whatever that looks like for them. Rest at the beach a mile away, the onsite pool or gym, sleep in your room, or go walk the peers. This retreat isn't about wearing ourselves out for photos on instagram. This retreat is about taking a break so we can come back and do the work that means the most to us, with excellence and perseverance. 

Retreat Interest Form
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About the Collective

We are a collection of young adult entrepreneurs lead by Joshua Henry. We believe that every individual was created to carry out GOOD works that only they can achieve.

Our mission, to prepare young adults for the good work they are destined to accomplish by providing them unique opportunities to establish their identity in Family, Finances, Faith, & Business

E2:10 Members


Joshua Henry, MPsy

College Professor


Coach & Consultant

Keegan Delaney

Marketing & Accounting Consultant

Men's Well-being Coach


Megan Kiefert


Women's Well-being Coach

Music Instructor

Donate to E2:10!

Donations are tax deductible




Individuals are responsible for obtaining a means of transportation whether it be by plane or car. The cost of gas, boarding passes, and any other travel expenses will not be covered by the retreat and must be paid by the individual.

Is There a Fee?

Yes, there is a nonrefundable registration fee.


Breakfast will be provided for each day that is planned for the retreat. Any and all meals outside of breakfast (lunch, dinner) will not be provided by the organizers of the retreat and will be the individuals responsibility to purchase these meals.

What to Bring 

Keep in mind to bring any needed swim gear (swim suits, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach shoes) and comfortable shoes to walk in. There will be a Target within a 3 minute walk to buy clothes, snacks, water bottles, food, and any other needed items throughout the entirety of the retreat. Keep in mind that none of these expenses will be covered by the organization. Individuals are responsible for paying any expenses concerning individual purchases (ex. activities outside of the retreat).

What to Expect

Questions relating to the schedule of the retreat (such as check in, breakfast, etc.) should first be directed to the itinerary, which is sent to individuals, prior to the first day of the trip. Free time can be spent however individuals choose to spend it, but sessions and any other scheduled events are mandatory. 

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